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This time around I was thinking about the support we give each other in terms of shopping from our respective Art Fire stores.
I attempt to search within Art Fire for specific supply items. I consider this one of the many ways we can be sure to keep Art Fire on the top of our lists of to dos!
Examples of supplies there are extremely eclectic. Never one to embrace big box, cookie cutter or some factory that’s hauling in the big dough, I want to order my supplies from small business persons like me.

One example, for myself in searching for affordable, and supporting small business would be this shop by Angel-Art and this gorgeous bead. I love to purchase bits and pieces, not job lots, and these beads are certainly something worth considering.
Jewelry making supplies

My next purchase might be something as simple as this great lot of copper jump rings, I don’t make my own, so where better to find some without buying hundreds or thousands at a time? These are from the store of LuLuLaLaLand
Antiqued Copper Jump Rings
 100 pcs of Antique Copper finish 3.5mm 22 guage Jump Rings
We know that jewelry isn’t the only thing available on Art Fire. We have our fiber artists too and there’s some amazing examples of hand spun wools available too. I couldn’t begin to think of sheep shearing and all of the work involved in offering up this gem of creativity which is available at  Studio Taylored Fibers
Hand dyed Yarn
We all use some type of wire, chains, spacers etc. when compiling pieces, catches, clasps and all sorts of things needed to finish our work. Here’s a shop that can add some details to your finished piece without breaking the bank. This gorgeous multi closure and many more items are available at  Beadaholique
Gold Tone Filigree 5 Strand Round Box Clasp 22mm
In short, shop local, if possible, shop for your needs, not just to fill your supply cupboard and try to support everyone who brings something different, affordable and that suits your personal craft needs! If we all keep this thought in mind then we can keep the Art Fire we know and love rising above the ranks of other venues!

Looking for something unique and elegant for your designs?

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