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Twitter and Facebook have been the mainstream social networks for a while now.  2012 has rolled in and Pinterest is fast grabbing attention of the female population on the internet.

What is Pinterest? 
It is a virtual pin board to collect your favorite sites, pages and images on the net. Think of it as a scrapbook of things you love.

What can you do with Pinterest? 
You can share your favorite photographs, plan a wedding, visually bookmark pages for an event, collect your favorite recipes, redecorate your home, find your new style for the upcoming season, share works of art, create a gift guide, make themed collections. The potential is endless.

Who Uses Pinterest? 
The aesthetically pleasing pin boards appeal to the women population for the most part.  The majority of Pinterest users thus far are women.  Majority of users look for recipes, room decor and do-it-yourself crafts. A perfect fit for independent fashion designers.

What is Pinterst Etiquette? 
Pinterest pointedly stated they hope that marketers don't use it for purely self promotion.  Be nice, credit your sources, Avoid self promotion, report objectionable content and help with improving the site with suggestions.

How can you get more out of your time on Pinterest?
If you combine the relationships you maintain at Facebook and Twitter with your followers and who you follow on Pinterest, your content will be repinned more consistently.  The key is to build relationships with those who are known for quality “pins” at the site.  Authenticity is of highest priority.

Use your social networks you already have a following in to feed your pinterest collections. Draw a crowd by pointing your fans and followers to your pin boards.  Make them curated works of art, themed and aesthetically congruent, pleasing to the eyeball.

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The temptation for any business is to post pins only for products you sell. Users always know it when you are out for self serving motivations.  The savvy users can spot a board that is photo full of products from the same company and tend to stear away, says Giselle Gonzalez is a promoter for Cakestyle

Find a business model and follow them. The best way to be seen is to follow large well established companies and follow them. Following big names on Twitter often will find them following you back. You will find big names in designers looking for new designs and pins them to their boards.  This is a great way to get found by followers of the high fashion highway.

Use key phrases in your board titles such as "Made in the USA" or "Defining Confidence" to help define the brand.

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  1. Thank you for Pinterest Tips. I plan to join soon.

  2. I appreciate the tips on Pinterest. I am having a little trouble in figuring some of it out so any tips I can get are very helpful. Thank you!


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