Handmade Works of Art the Steam punk Way

When you decide that you want to go looking for a unique gift for someone and you search in handmade you had better have a bit of an idea what it is you’re looking for.
There’s an explosion of crafty, creative, unique and some outside of the box items that never bore or cease to amaze at their level of artistry, functionality, wear ability and resourcefulness.
Steampunk Bracelet - GOLD Dangles Pocket Watch Parts ONLY ONE LIKE IT - GORGEOUS Steampunk Jewelry by edmdesigns

Some examples are the steam punkers. They are amazing in the way to view “bits of mechanical items” and other genres to craft from.
Steampunk Vintage Watch Movement Brass Art Deco Earrings

This blog is dedicated to their vision and compilation of items that are astounding.
Steampunk Paperweight carved art glass etching mechanical gear window
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