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When you are working on your fan base on your Facebook business page, it can be hard to motivate users to "like" your page.  One strategy for adding to your Facebook page is to offer exclusive coupons, sales and deals for fans only.

But consider for a moment your phone. When you see a post in your newsfeed from a a friend using mobile, you know they are out of the house, away from their computer. What if, you could motivate complete strangers to "like" your page on their phones?

Well there is!

Now, you can do a call out for "liking" your page via texting. This is especially great for when you are out doing craft fairs. Don't just sell to your passer by's, turn your table customers into fans on your Facebook page and motivate sales too! Have a table tent sign on your table, offering customers a 10% discount if they text the word "like" and your Facebook page user name to 32665.

Try it yourself! Like our page from you phone.  Text the words: like artfirelink to 32665
Here's the anatomy:
"artfirelink"= username for your page (http://www.facebook.com/artfirelink)
32665 is the country code for USA(see all country codes here)

*note: you have to set up your username for your page to use this. You can set that up in your admin of your page under "Resources"

This sets a stage for building your Fan base while you are out doing shows and crafts bazaars this holiday!  No hard networking to do it either! You can also post under the "call to action" table tent sign, "Like us on Facebook and receive exclusive coupons, sales and deals on future online purchases for fans only! Find out what craft fair we are at next! We could be coming to your area!" 
You would be surprised the extra sales you might make on your craft fairs just by offering that 10% exclusive offer! 

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  1. Excellent idea and one that I wouldn't have thought of. An idea that I plan on using. Thanks for a great post!

  2. Excellent and the webpage is looking mucho better. Great job.

  3. This is one of the most awesome and helpful things I've read yet!! As much as I'm on Facebook, you would have thought that I would know this but I didn't. Thank you!!


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