LInk Farms and Why you just Don't!

While in my travels of searching for information on how to create great ads, I ran across a post about link farms. Never heard of such a thing! But I remember our head CEO at ArtFire talking to us about how to avoid content farms. This is when someone copies and pastes the content from one blog into theirs for increased content and better rank.

Link Farms work the same way.  Even though our traffic is pretty descent, it may be that we are new. I did a comparison chart on a blog I barely do any posts at, but the posts I have are rich and relevant. The Page rank is higher than those with link lists who do regular link list blog hops and such.

So before we get penalized, I'm removing the Inlinkz tools. A site that is unaware they have been penalized, could link to our tool and we can get penalized for linking to them.  I will manually add our member stores again to avoid being seen as a link farm.

Google only counts relevant links in which the page rank is 3 or more out of 1-10.  Links in blogs are not as important to Google's indexing rules.

So as a rule of thumb, we will only link to our shops and social sites.

Now I understand why Etsy's link rules are so strict.

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