Out With the Old and In with the New

As you know, this blog has been rather inactive for a while.  Doing some scouting around, Blogger still has that easiest use anywhere, and as I have recently learned, there has been some great customizations for blogger that I know you may want to use.  We'll chat about that in our next post.

First,  wanted to tell you why I have changed the name of the blog and describe our mission. It's Better Handmade, as most great sites, has been fading down.  Less people are using it, but it is also a cross venue group.  It's Better Handmade has become more and more Etsy. Mostly because the members that are alumni, have left Artfire to sell exclusive at Etsy.  Much of it has to do with a morale issue. Many have left in frustration and lack of understanding. But I am not one to go with the flow. (Always catch &&^$$%$ for it too!) When you make waves, alot of folks don't like it, sometimes, it's just a matter of not liking change.

I love Etsy sellers, love their work, love what they do, I am even a little of a fan of Etsy itself. But! ArtFire needs help with morale . I see the bigger picture only cause I'm good friends with the tech team and know what exactly is required to maintain a site like Artfire.com.  And I commend them for all thier hard work to get the site back up to specs from the poor foundation that it began on.

So many are criticizing ArtFire for the bad load time, the bad bugs and quirkiness that has flooded our venue. But it's not their fault..and they are handling it in a very professional way.  There are a lot of reasons why they don't come out and say all the technical mumbo jumbo. And they are responsible ones, even when we don't understand.  But knowing the heart of ArtFire.com..and the people who strive day and night to make it a better place to sell, this too shall pass. They are working very very hard to fix it for the holidays so our traffic increases and our site gets back on track to where it should be.

Now! With all that said, I want to share with you ArtFire LInk's mission. ArtFire sellers need help. There are a bunch of new sellers, and some that are lacking knowledge who have been there over a year.  ArtFire LInk is here to try and encourage them, let them know they are not alone and there is someone who can help them.

When you have a puzzle, and several of the pieces are missing, you cannot see the full image. ..another way to see it is, if you are but one thread in a huge rug..in your smallness, you cannot see the entire beautiful design in the whole rug. This is the same for ArtFire.com.

ArtFire LInk has gotten some bad reviews by people who just like to make trouble with complaining and unprofessional behavior. This has been helpful in a way that has allowed us to establish some rules for our company and our members.  We don't like venue bashing, not for Etsy, not Zibbet, not ArtFire, not any where! So any complaining is halted right off and is redirected at those they have issues with.

We are here to answer questions and try to help in any way possible. Even if it's just a strong friendship.  We make widgets tailored to help our members, create fun interactive websites, help with learning online tools like blogger, Google products such as picasa and Google plus, gimpWordPress, domain management, wysiwyg editors and more. We take time, talk to you on the phone, tutor or mentor you to learn better techniques. We support you.

Why would we care if you succeed? Because we have been in your shoes, desperate for help and not a soul in site to mentor us.

Susan ~ ArtFire LInk
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  1. Thank you, Susan, for all you do. Have seen the frustration on the ArfFire forum and people leaving and, to tell the truth, I don't understand it. Sure there have been bugs since the rollout of the new studio designs, but here always are bugs in a huge undertaking (think Microsoft). Change can be hard but the AF changes are for the best. I firmly believe ArtFire is the venue of the future and am so happy to be there. Tony and the others work so hard for us to be successful and I appreciate that. ArtFire is my selling home :)

  2. This is absolutely great. Thank you so much for everything you have put together. I tweeted this blog as it is important to share and show people that no matter what site anyone sells at...we are all in this together as handmade artisans.
    Have a blessed day!


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