Viral Sharing on Facebook

Sharing on Facebook has been one of the most effective ways to promote and virally get the word out on links, sites and content on the internet. When security was breached..Facebook took some action in removing the "share" bookmarklet under posts accept for just links..

So when you post an external create an option to allow all who see it to "share" it. Groups don't have this 0ption as they are secure. Our original group page..before they switched over, made it easy to "share". The the current format of groups on Facebook only allows individuals to "subscribe" to the individual posts. This really only shows up on your private newsfeed for you..not for others from you or about you.

SO! Here is what I propose, to make It's Better Handmade more viral like it once to switch us over to a Community page..and out of the group format! The links we are all adding to the group page is only allowing members to see, and not our friends..and friends of friends..unless they join the group.

Many of us only network in our venue..meaning, we add friends who are artists like us..we need that support from others who do what we do. We will keep the group for encouragement, learning, tips and tricks primarily. The new community page will be where the "share" bookmarklet will exist for external links and thus re-establish the viral sharing.

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