Black Friday Free Shipping Sales

It's Here! Thanksgiving is done and the Christmas Season is officially in full swing! Merchants have been preparing for several months for this season. Black Friday is the one biggest revenue day for most brick and mortar stores such as Kohls, Walmart, JC Penny and other large corporation retailers.

The doors open at midnight, the lines are long and the traffic is grueling. Some folks live for that adrenaline rush, looking for those once a year awesome deals. But there is a portion of the population that avoids that kind of hub-bub. Those that do, can benefit from some pretty incredible online sales.

Most of the deterants of buying online is shipping costs and the amount of time it takes to process your order and ship the item to you. Some merchants online offer incredible prices though sales..and then price gouge you with high shipping that costs more than the original non sale price of the item they want to buy?  That makes me click away! No doubt.  Who wants a great deal only to find they pay an arm, a leg and an eye for shipping.

There is one marketplace that is offering free shipping for a ton, and i mean a huge amount of high quality handmade and vintage unique gifts for just about anyone on your shopping list this season. The best gifts given are those that are unique, one of a kind type of handmade gifts. From jewelry, to accessories, designer clothing, home accessories, antiques, toys, and so much more!

What if you could get a one of a kind item, get it shipped in less than a week and at no extra cost for shipping? What if? You certainly can!

Here are just a few things you can find that are incredible finds for absolutely no extra shipping cost!  But you better act fast, because its only for Black Friday deals..However! You might just find a few more great sales and deals in the upcoming Cyber Monday Specials! So stay tuned!

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