Changes and Distraction

Many of you have been such loyal followers. Cannot tell you how incredible that is.  The group on Facebook is still rather active.  A few members have left due to lack of events and probably the new format emails are overwhelming.  But many, many are still there.

The old "It's Better Handmade Network" has now been replaced by the Wordpress format version. Very happy too.  Although we lost all of our data..all contacts, everything.  Sad, but still pushing forward.  You may find the new network format a little easier to use.

This is just a foundation.  I realize you all pretty much stay on Facebook.  And that's ok.  But the network doesn't cost me anything now.

A side of that, I have been caring for my rather ill husband..with his bloodclot and cancer, it's been a no brainer for what I've had to do.  Setting down the network is no easy task.  And I miss you all dearly.

You might find my little distraction and stress reliever a bit fun.  Come visit my fun spot.  It's been quite a ride learning Wordpress.  But the best part is finding that this team of Fae are outstanding Artisans just like you.

Toodlebug is an Etsian.  She makes Pirate and Wench garb.  If you are a Renaissance fan, you know what I'm talking about.
Regal Ruby Romantic Wench Chemise

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