Setting Up Shop

As many of you know, It's Better Handmade on Socialgo has been shut down.  Kind of prematurely as I didn't give Socialgo the go ahead...but when my notice to all our members went went to Socialgo too...and they thought I told them to shut down the network.

Well, lost all my data, all contacts.  But will hopefully get some of that back.

In the meantime, I'm working on setting up the new Network..from the Buddypress platform.

Now this is no light task.  To be quite honest, developing in Dreamweaver is easier! But it's teaching me PHP.  So.  As it will come slowly, it will come! The network basics are already there.  You're quite welcome to gander over and see our progress can even sign up if you wish.

Just remember, it's got some bugs still as I just opened up the "out of the box" plugin.

You guys have been patient. I appreciate that..
Thanks again for being loyal friends..for It's Better Handmade!

On another note, I have found WordPress to be quite versatile and highly recommended...BUT, the host GoDaddy kinda stinks as far as support is concerned..Not recommended...just a note..

Susan Adams
It's Better Handmade!

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