Who are you Marketing to?

As a handmade Artist, we all love to gather together to show off our great handmade stuff. But is that all you do? When you tweet and follow others..like fan pages on Facebook, do you just like other artisans?

When you link up with who ever, on what ever social site..make sure you are linking with possible prospect customers..and don't be afraid to put your product out there..no matter what family says. This is your livelihood and they should be understanding of that, supportive.

So when you link up with new friends, make sure they are not just sellers like you..but the group of people you want to sell to.

Why? Ever heard of starving artist? Alot of us are! Buying from each other is really good for relationship and community building, but most of us don't have the extra budget to do so. You need to market to who you know would be interested.

For instance, if you sell handmade potholders, you wouldn't want to connect with a retro marketplace, but one that offers vintage along with handmade..so that those who appreciate the days gone by, also would appreciate those handmade, labor intensive potholders that won't rip and wear as easily.

Think more about your audience and reach out to them with open hands and a listening heart. No one likes another car salesman either. Once you find your market, you got it made!


  1. Define your niche for a more focused marketing effort.

  2. Cherry-picking a market and pinpointing who and where your audience is located is important in starting your marketing campaign online.


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