I was lost, but now I'm found!

Since Facebook decided to change the groups format..the same time they removed our tabs from our Facebook profiles, they also gave us the ability to add folks we know to the groups without asking them first.  Not something I really encourage.  


Here's why: when you add someone to the facebook group, default settings send a notification to their email every time someone posts in the group.  Kind of annoying for some.  Especially when we get bombarded already with spam.  Some folks like that, as they want to know what's going on.  All the time! 

It's handy for the super networkers, but frustrating for the rest. I love groups, but they are everywhere! now on Facebook.  A dime a dozen.

There is one important thing I wanted to note about the new groups format on Facebook for everyone who is involved in one, especially for our group admins.  When you start a group, remember that the only format that Google and Yahoo, and Bing(still Yahoo fed) search engines will see is "open" groups.  The rest, closed and secret, are not seen by any search engine or crawler.  So if you add other sellers like you to the group, and your group is closed or secret..then you are more or less preaching to the choir.  It's soliciting to your competition.  Not the wisest thing.  

So here is what I suggest, if you are selling a handmade good, join groups that are ok with your business postings but is non seller based.  If you sell wedding jewelry, hair accessories or an other wedding handmade good, join a wedding group.  
Silk Organza Bags
This is why our group on Facebook, It's Better Handmade, is an open group, seen by Google indefinitely.  And it's why we have a corresponding "Like" page.  We need a better ranking in Alexa and Google ...so the more you promote..the more you want to be seen.  Keep that one in mind where ever you spend your time online;..groups, pages, communities, etc.

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