New Comments Editor on Facebook

Hey! You know when you comment underneath someone's your News Feed, or your Profile page, or even a Group? and you make a mistake in spelling or something like that? Your first response is to type it over and then delete the the one above it that you goofed on.

Well, Facebook just made a script change on those Comments editor.  Now, you can click on the "x" to "delete" it and it will reopen the comment you just posted to let you change it! No more deleteing it and retyping.  And. No more notifications to others that go no where..cause you deleted it.

Why? Well, Facebook creators are trying to save cache space and scripting errors.

This works well if you are using Facebook under a non secure http://...connection.

"A non secure connection?" you might wonder..
Facebook, now connects us..under our security settings in our a secure connection.  This keeps our comments and posts off of Google though.  You can see if you are connected securely on Facebook by the url bar in the top of your browser.  It will look like this:

You can find the settings for the security in your account settings

So, decide how much you want Google to see of your postings if you network on Facebook for your business.  If you want your latest posts and comments posted in Google search, make sure you don't have the secured setting. You also might want to make sure that anyone can see your posts and comments too..friends or no.

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