Helping Susan Out....

Hi all!

It's Cat here...I'm kind of helping out this week with IBH. Susan is SO overloaded right now. She's in school, has a hurt husband as you know, and of course, two munchkins that, as kids will do, don't understand that the top of Mom's head is ready to blow off!

Having said that, I'd like to suggest we just post on the Group Page today, with our new creations and don't forget to promote each other!  Together, we will come up with something for next week for Handmade Saturday.  Would love suggestions...

Also, let's do a "Color Me Friday"...if anyone would like to leave a comment here for their color choice, please feel the meantime, you can always contact me with any questions.  We're all busy, I know, but let's not lose our enthusiasm for the group!  We all know how important the friendships are that we've forged, and I would hate to lose that, as I know you would.

So...for now?  Just post your "wares" and support each other.  I'll be back in touch about events later in the week.

Chatty Cat's

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  1. I really appreciate Cat's help. I may not be there to promote you like some of the others are currently, but when this course is done, I will be Google SEO Certified. That's a big bonus for you guys. AND, I will have Web design under my belt. I am however, closing my Etsy shop as I have sold some, but have given Etsy $80 give or take for listing and commission. Not making profit, don't like their exclusive rules. I need to be able to network outside of the Etsy walls. What's the good of networking with others who are broke like me?


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