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An Interview with Judy Russi, owner of Angels N Everlastings
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Please start by telling us a little about yourself and your business. 

My name is Judy Russi. I've always loved dried flowers. I began to work with dried florals in the 80's, when I started creating wreaths and other floral home d├ęcor. I sold primarily at craft fairs and gift and consignment shops. I am married with two children, the youngest being 18. In the 90's, I put my business aside to concentrate on raising my children. Now that they are grown, I have the time to resume my business. I also work outside the home for the local Revere newspaper doing office administrative work.

If there is one thing that defines you, what is it?  

I would say it's my resourcefulness. This attitude permeates all aspects of my life, including and especially my business. Since so much time has passed from when I first started my business, a lot of the supplies I had relied on are no longer available. I started thinking creatively and came up with a lot of great substitutes that have improved my art in the long-term.

What role does your family play in your art? 
My family is very supportive of my art. They give me the time and space I need to create and provide great feedback and constructive criticism.

Where do you live and what is it like?
I have lived on the East Coast, just north of Boston, Massachusetts all of my life. I grew up in Everett and now live in Revere. My home is not far from Revere Beach, which was America's first public beach. I love to walk the beach in search of sea glass, driftwood, or seashells to add to my floral designs.

Where did you learn your medium? 
I took a few wreath-making classes and soon realized that I had a knack for creating eye-pleasing creations. From there, I fine-tuned my skills to where they are today.

How did you come to selling online? 
When I told my daughter that I was thinking of resuming my business, she asked if I had ever heard of Etsy. I really liked the idea of being able to sell without spending all the time and effort to set up at craft fairs or stores.

What is the best piece of advice you can give other artists? 
Develop your photography skills if you want to sell online. The buyer cannot touch your product so the photo needs to touch them.

What new projects are you working on now? 
I am putting together some craft lessons to offer locally. I am also working on picture frames, decorated with flowers, seashells and sea glass. I'd also like to create some wreaths with silk accents rather than dried which would be great for a outside door.


  1. Love dried flower decor as well. Great to learn more about Judy


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