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There are so many great additions for our network! It's Better Handmade Social Network for Artisans has a new domain:

The holiday selling can really put a toll on your mind, your body and your frame of mind.  Everyone loves a little escape now and then.  Many of us love those cafe games you find at Facebook.  I tend to steer away from those as they can be a risk to my computer. 

With that in mind, we added some great nostalgic games in the "More Games" tab.  You will find a sub-tab under that called "Even More Games" where you can play full screen!  These are in addition to the black shadow toolbar we subscribe to as an added perk to our network.    Those games are more contemporary games and offer multi-player options. 

The developer of these games is the creator for a predominate game site.  There is no malware or viruses.

I left for my members a very special Christmas Greeting found on the "Merry Christmas" page.  It's one of my most favorites and a special wish for all of my hard working friends.

MFG Network and It's Better Handmade are now  affiliates with American Greetings and Blue Mountain.  The yearly membership for AG is only $16 and you get access to some really great things for the Premium price.  Most of the basic cards are free, but it's always so fun to get the animated ones.  You get Premium stock e-cards with flash including singing and talking cards, photo card creator(added purchase), printables, invites, wallpapers and desktop screen savers(malware free), just to mention the basics.  You get the Mobile and Facebook plugin to share them with your contacts, Facebook friends and much more.  It's well work it if you use Facebook to network on.  Those birthday notices come every week from your friend lists and you know how much people love it when you send them a special greeting via Facebook.  This tool can be an effective tool for building relationships with your friends and fans.

We are now Affiliate partners with several other companies relevant to what we do at 
Delphi GlassGoDaddy.comGhirardelliESET NOD32Socialgo and Smile Box.  We will soon be affiliates for JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts and  These are carefully chosen affiliates as to keep our network great without Google and Socialgo monetizing.  
With the last few days before Christmas approaching fast and furious, we are going to just focus on having fun, filling orders and blogging to bring in more traffic!  Remember, graphics and pictures are fun and make our blogs interesting, but text and hyperlinks is what draws organic traffic.

Events are going to slow down as we get closer to Christmas.  We need all the time we can get to finish off our holiday sales.  So, don't worry about trying to participate, I know how incredibly busy everyone is.  So just relax, no obligations here!  

If you would like to keep up with our news but just want it emailed to you, you can always sign up for that version. 

We now have 14 websites in our Network.  There is so much to see and participate in.  But our main website is It's Better Handmade! Social Network.  Your best bet to get all the news is our newsletter!
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