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We are coming to a close on the Christmas Season! There is only one Saturday left.  It's crunch time.  Everyone wants to bring in that last great sale!  Organic traffic is the best way to make it.  So, with that in mind, we are doing a no obligation event echoed from ArtFire's Promotional:
We are hosting a blogging event at It's Better Handmade! Social Network! You're invited to join with us, seller, buyer or bystandard...and blog too! You don't have to be a seller to be a member of It's Better Handmade! It's really very simple, but there are a few things we strongly encourage!  
  • blog at least 2 paragraphs
  • link-it-up why hyperlinks
  • you must have a Facebook or Twitter account.
Interested in winning? Read more..

We decided to do the blogging on Saturday at It's Better Handmade Social Network so that we build more content for Google to grab.  This gives Google a reason to index the site better, it brings up SEO and in turn, brings in more traffic.  More traffic is very good.  
This is a coordinated effort to partner up with Handmade Saturday, our sister site.  It's our turn this week! 
The instructions are in forums...don't worry, just follow the prompts.
The blogging page is called our "Magazine".  We  have already had some early birds come and post blogs.  You can too, it you can't be there Saturday.  
We have cleaned up the site a bit and added some drop down side menus for our Main top pages, featured artists and Network links.  

We also have a few affiliate links up for now.  I have added a Shopping Mall with a drop down menu "Shop our Stores" for folks to find your shops per category, much like our sister Site Handmade Saturday.  I have also added a link to a great treasury widget generator for our Treasuries section.
Hope to see you on Saturday!


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