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Did you know?  PRO Members make 
87% of the sales on ArtFire!
The ArtFire PRO account comes with the tools, features, exposure and support you need to be successful.  Don't miss your chance to take advantage of the best deal in artisan commerce.  You can secure your PRO account for just $9.95/mo and guarentee that your rate will never incease as long as you keep your account. 
Feature Update!
Premium Invoices are here and they're looking better than ever.  Our recent update to the ArtFire Order Invoice gives you a professional looking invoice for you and your customers.  Upgrade to PRO and you'll be able to add customized messages to your buyers to your invoices before printing.

Upgrade Now | Go PRO on ArtFire

PRO members get:
  • Full Custom Fusion Studio
  • Preferred Placement in Search
  • Enhanced Customization Options
  • Up to 10 Pictures Per Product
  • Up to 99 Studio Categories
  • Multiple Quantity for Items
  • Artisan Guilds
  • Credibility Program (Artifacts)
  • No Third Party Ads on Listings
  • Coupon Codes with Tracking
  • Facebook Kiosk Application
  • Full Feature Studio Blog
  • Front Page Exposure
  • Bid on Buyer's Forge Requests
  • Global Product Editor
  • Studio Rearrange

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