We Have a Sibling Site!

We have a new sibling site!  

This site was birthed in ArtFire and Etsy forums!  Miss00 suggested making our own event like Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the idea stuck like crazy.  Everyone encouraged her to press forward with this event..then her doggie died.  She called for someone to pick it up...well, I and Ruthie from Rose Works Jewelry teamed up to work on this and an entire website and huge event has been born!

Along with this event and site 
comes the business page!

This will be a really huge event! 
It's our 1st annual Handmade Saturday Holiday Sale!
We already have hundreds of shops coming together to offer some great handmade sales!  There are members right now!  posting their shop widgets in our categories at the site.  The shopping mall is filling up fast!  This is published on over 50 sites and will be setting up adwords for this event!! 

Please check it out!

We have our Quick Reference Shop Directory and the Shopping Mall!  The traffic to the site is outstanding!  This new social network site is going to be integrated with our It's Better Handmade!  Social Network!  I have opened up our social network to be joined now by anyone without a pass code!  Less hassle!  
You can also join the new Handmade Saturday for 

You will find that I have released all restrictions now on all our sites!
**Note: we have to downgrade at the end of December at It's Better Handmade Social Network due to the lack of interest.  So we will loose some games and IM stuff.

You will find our hub helpful!  We have developed a network structure for all the sites we are linked with.  Here is a graph to help you understand:

We also have a great Shop Directory website that intertwined all over the net!

Hope to see you there...makes sure to check out 

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