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Hi! Everyone! Welcome to Week 2 for our new ArtFire Pro members! Have you set up, Read up and tested checkout yet? Don't forget to look through your Guides on your admin pages! If you are still a little cloudy as to what to do with your new store...here is that 1st week for the 45 Day Guide at ArtFire

Still need help? Find me at my new Mentor Page  or Contact me

ARTFIRE GUILDS are a great way to create community in any selling venue. There is one Guild in particular which has been left without a Guild master. I know that many of you have tutorials out there and would fit well to these particular pair of shoes. You can find the Artist Mentors Guild.

Tuesday's ZERO ZOOM PIZAZZ is BACK! And we have more artists now that need our attention than you can shake a mandrel at! So finding a new shop won't be hard! This promises to be an eventful day!

Remember, just posting is like handing someone a business card and not shaking their hand!
Invite your friends to share Zero Zoom with us! It's So Much Fun to gather and share your great Finds!
**Did you know that Google grabs content off our group wall and posts it in the search engine?

NEW! Just activated on Monday! The Check-In Mechanism on ArtFire!
This little addition is located on the bottom of every ArtFire store page and shows when the shop owner checked in last! Only records day by day though and not per hour. Your check-in button is located on the top right hand side of your admin page.

It has some great perks:

  • Checking in every week will give you an on site(ArtFire) search boost in listings. Will NOT effect your SEO on the internet.
  • Each check-in acts as a studio wide renewal of your items(meaning no renewing and no expiration if you check in weekly)
  • ArtFire staff is currently working on Artifacts that will be rewarded for those who check in daily. The Check-In based artifact will have three tiers, one version for 30 days of consecutive Check-Ins, one version for 90 days and one version for 365 days.

After seven consecutive days of not checking in, your items will lose some relevancy in on-site searches. After thirty days the drop in relevancy will be increased again. At the sixty day mark your buyers will see a notice that you have not checked-in on your studio for an extended period of time. In the end, as long as you are checking in at least once a month your items will never expire HOWEVER if you choose to wait that long in between check-ins and your check-ins are public (mandatory for basic members but optional for Pro members) your buyers may see "This Artisan Last Checked-In: Three Weeks Ago" which may affect how many sales you get on our venue due to online shoppers' aversion to unattended listings.

One more thing! Don't forget our Meet and Greet on Friday! Bring a friend!  Who cares if your not a pro seller on ArtFire, we want to meet you and introduce you to the new Pro Sellers on ArtFire! Other venue sellers are very much encouraged to come!

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