Blog Blitz!

 I wanted to relay to you all a great way to bring up our
 ranks in Google.  The Maven team has been Blog Blitzing
 since the beginning of the Summer.  Using this technique, 
we have successfully brought up our ranking for 
"handmade gifts" in Google search engine.  Not only that,
 but it helps us practice our communication skills in blogging.  
Poetry comes natural to the talented, but for those of
 us who are more challenged in the blogging area will
 need to practice a bit.  
Here is how to do Blog Blitz, we are trying to get more 
traffic to our Handmade Gift Guide on ArtFire. 
The goal of a blog blitz is to increase the amount of relevant 
anchor text bank links to a particular web page.  For this blitz we 
 to anchor in your text phrases:  Did you notice
 the sentence before the hyperlink?  It has an anchor inlaid. 
 Highlight your text and click the anchor icon in your toolbar above
 in your editor.  Use handmade gifts as your anchor words.  

Rather than always using the exact same linked phrase, such 
as where you can find your handmade gifts for your holiday 
shopping.  In the previous sentence, the only words I linked were 
"handmade gifts".  This isn't bad, but it is better if the same 
anchor text doesn't appear everywhere all at once.

Try to think of a phrase you can use to link to the gift hub page that
 go beyond just the two words "handmade gifts".  Telling people that
 ArtFire gets the keywords in the link without carbon copying the 
same link.

If you are having trouble thinking of a longer phrase, feel free to 
use just "handmade gifts", just realize you have plenty of options 
and ways to differentiate if you'd like. "
Let me know if you still need help.  Post your blogs if you like for us all to 
read in our blog blitz!  Remember, if you have a blog away from ArtFire, blog
 there first for this exercise, then blog here on your ArtFire Blog to bring
 traffic directly to your shop.  This exercise will help you all to learn how 
to fine tune your SEO for your blog.
Here is a bit more on the significance of an "anchor text 
back link."  Google ranks sites based on how many other 
sites link to them(ie. why they call it a 'web').  The 
reasoning being that a link is kind of like a "vote", so 
the popular sites get voted the most because they 
have the best information or content.  Links power
 the web.

Anchor text back links are even more powerful links.  "anchor text" 
means that rather than just share the URL such as: , you attach that link to some other anchor
The WHOLE link is the anchor text.  Google will see the above
 anchor and will recognize that someone linked to
 with the phrase "Find the perfect handmade gift for the holidays". 
 If lots of other people link to ArtFire with similar text Google might 
start to return for searches like "handmade gift for
 the holidays" because many people have "voted" that 
is a good page for people who want that kind of thing.

One of the reasons why I think we should move our group from
 Facebook is so that we can use anchors and hyperlinks more 
effectively and thus bring up our ranking and capture organic
 traffic. The traffic we are capturing on Facebook is really only
 mainly from socializing and not ranking.  It's still on Google 
search, but this concept doens't apply quite the same.


  1. I only recently went Pro on ArtFire, and haven't started the blog yet. Thanks for explaining anchor text. So much to do and so little time!

  2. Okay, I am not so smart when it comes to "hyperlink" and "anchor" etc. Where is an anchor icon. I just don't see one. Are you talking about something that I will see if I am writing my blog? I need a little help. Sorry, but I just don't know all the lingo.

  3. I have not actually explored the tools here at Artfire, but it sounds like there is one built in that makes hyperlinks from text...yes? EEEK. I feel the same way, not grooving on the link stuff, but will give it a shot.

    If you have built up momentum on FB (and I do not know the history on bullying, etc.)--my suggestion would be to NOT close it down entirely...there may be some residual traffic there.

    And I am beyond brand new, so that's just my two cents.

    But I "did" make a collection (my first) yesterday just via intuition.

  4. I am not at all sure that I understand this. Could use a little help. I am such a beginner. HELP


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