Experiencing the Artfire Difference!

There have been many questions about what Artfire is about and the differences between Etsy and Artfire.  Those who haven't experienced Artfire's Community with it's thriving, motivating and positive atmosphere, don't understand my excitement.  There is just a whole different vibe at Artfire.  The best things I love about it is the continuous mentoring that the Staff at Artfire, in particular, John Jacobs CEO and Tony Ford, offer.  There are several others like Jessica and Kevin that I have had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with as well(virtually speaking).

Forums at Artfire, particularly from the Staff, are vital to being a part of Artfire. Staying informed and participating in Events and Forums are just two of the many ways that sets Artfire apart from other selling venues.  Our leaders and staff over at Artfire are directly involved and will interact with you personally. John Jacobs, CEO takes time to message me back on Facebook, takes time to share information when I ask, so does Kevin and Tony.  They make you feel valued as a person and a member of the family.  There are no opinions, no bias, no politics, and no favorites.  

The seller tools are really beyond what any seller could ask for.  Here is a list of some of the major perks that are already implemented into our Pro Seller accounts.

The coolest part is that YOU have the option to be a part of the Maven Team! 
You get to make the changes and test them before ANYONE else can!
But here's the catch.......you have to be Pro Seller to be a Maven!

Wanna know more about being a Maven? Ask me!

Win One of 5 iPads- Join the ArtFire Group Deal - Daily Draws!

There are many questions that I am sure all of you must have. First, When you have a Basic ArtFire account, you can opt in and it will activate on October 1st!  Second, If you have a Pro Seller Account already, the rate will change on October 1st and any credit will be added to your account!  

You need to give it at least 2 months using the 45 Day Success Guide   

Remember, you have to follow the guide to find success!  There are NO extra fees...ever! Unless you buy ads on ArtFire.com for somewhere between $2.50 and $10!  You can even publish your blogpost from your ArtFire Artisan Blog to Handmade News!  

If you are still uncertain of the commitment, then just know that you can always downgrade to the Free basic at ANY time without any financial obligations!

Here are some great resources for you that will bring answers to many of your questions.  

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask, I am an ArtFire Maven and Mentor.  

Susan Adams

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful advice Susan! I'm very excited to now be a member of Artfire!


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