New Facebook Format Increases Spam Reports

The new Facebook Policies and format for Groups can not only bombard you with messages but also increase your reports from others.  The new Groups pages are even less secure than before.  You can not lock your group and then reset it again, you have to start over again with a new group page.  The Closed or "locked" groups are also hidden from search engines making is impossible for sellers to network under secure settings.  

Anyone can create a group, and what's worse, anyone can create a "hidden" group making it completely invisible.  Now, you could be added to a group without an invitation or knowledge and get bombarded with messages.  Everytime Facebook updates their format, new notification settings are acquired.  You see a change and all of a sudden your email box is flooded with notifications.  If someone isn't aware of the new policies and format, they automatically think you are spamming them and report you.  You will get a bunch of people screaming at you in messages at Facebook and many will just report you, locking you out of your account. 

The old Facebook Group format is still in place for the existing groups.  But the new Groups pages no longer have "share" options so that your posts in groups are viral, but 'subscribe' instead.  You will see that person's posts anywhere they post.  Making your News stream even more active.  This could be good if you want to follow that person, but bad when you are trying to network and broadcast your posts to a larger audience.  This policy is so that people don't complain anymore to Facebook for sharing to much info to their friends.  So only you see it. Good, and bad. People don't understand that Facebook is like a huge auditorium and you cannot expect to find a quiet place in the midst of a crowd!  ie...SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK. 

 Why create an account if you don't plan to socialize.  If you are not a people person, I don't advise you join the party.  If you are a seller and are still pretty shy, social media can be a learning and growing environment for you.  It is also a necessity to learn to socialize and to promote your business.  Otherwise, you probably should consider investing in Google ads.

Business pages are still pretty close to the same.  However, when you create a page you can adjust who see's it and who is blocked.  This includes search engines for that location as well as for Facebook directories.  So say you want to keep a certain geographic location from seeing your page, you can remove it from your list of who can see the page in settings for that page.  That helps with fire-walling unwanted viewers.  But I know that they will get smarter and eventually get around that by creating fake identities on Facebook with a different Geo-location.  

Facebook is getting bigger and bigger, making it's potential good and very bad at the same time.  Be very careful who you accept as friends, make sure your avatar has a proper picture(good quality above 300px) and make sure you reset your security settings to prevent anyone from grabbing your email address, your family name list, your location, your address, your phone number and your birthday(identity theft).  Keep your business page exclusive and don't leave a link to your personal profile on any of your business pages for security.  These are supposed to be separate identities from your personal profile. 

Still to come!  ...Why we have so many groups in our lists.

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