Facebook Group Newsletter November 11, 2010


Remember to check out our Online Newsletter. There will be some new events coming up this week so keep an eye out for that also.

If you need links for great SEO guides, you can find them on your ArtFire Guides. I will be linking our Guides page tab at the It's Better Handmade Social Network site at Socialgo with the Basic, Christmas and Blog SEO guide from ArtFire .

Getting back from visiting the crew at ArtFire in Tucson, AZ was OUTSTANDING! I got to meet everyone that you see posting in Forums at ArtFire and had lunch with Tony and Kevin from ArtFire! I will be telling all about it this week in our online Newsletter! 

What a privilege it was to meet John Jacobs and Tony Ford face to face! Fun to talk to Kevin, two geeks, as it were- hacking it out in computer lingo. LOL.

You guys have some great stuff headed your way..shhh. It's a secret! Awesome! Can't tell you, but you just HAVE TO TRUST ME! Watch what's next in ArtFire Forums! They are public for even non ArtFirians too!

One Important thing!! Don't forget to post AND SHARE to your wall! That's what makes viral communication on Social Networking so effective. It's ok to share your work with other artisans so that they share to their friends, but if it stops there, what good is it? Teamwork!

*CALL FOR AN HTML SPECIALIST! please contact me if you can write css and html. Experience in social media integration codes necessary!

**CALL FOR SILKSCREENER! We want to create some It's Better Handmade T's for our great network members! Contact me for more info if you can add our logo to T's

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