As many of you already have gotten notice, we are in remodel mode over at Facebook.  They have been renovating the groups and I think our profiles are up next.  Change is nice, but protection has become even less.  Facebook has actually made it easier and easier for others to harass you using their reporting policies against you.  

There are three options that I have been playing with a bit, for the new group setup that Facebook just implemented.  And it's really confusing.  

There is our Network page, that is completely open with tabs still existing...and I think(don't quote me on this) they are keeping them too.  This page has firewalls to block out some unwanted traffic.

There is the closed new group: It'sBetterHandmade! Group where we are not listed in searches on Facebook or in Google search either.  But it's really secure.  Networking there would be really obsolete.  No one will see it.

There is the New It's Better Handmade! G2 Group that is open with no firewalls or security.  No tabs, but still has a few things that the old set had.  It has group chat as a new feature.  

They did away with messaging members thru the group and now use an email program to message group members...Not so sure I like that either.  

Here is a really big one I don't like about can add people to them without asking them.  I think, I don't like groups anymore..

SO...what do you want to keep?  We can keep them all, but isn't our lives complicated enough?  Playing with them, I am liking the security of the closed old group, but links are locked.....
I like the security of the new locked group, but SEO can't get in.  The new G2 seems ok, but not really necessary....why don't we just work off of the new Social Network website I'm about to open up for us all with integration and keep It's Better Handmade Network page?  

This is our official logo for
It's Better Handmade Logo and
has been also registered as our new
favicon(icon that shows up by your bookmarks)

Feedback please!  It's really up to you!

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  1. Hi,
    I like this site you have up and running now... now you know their is just the people in here that you invite and no spammers or lurkers here.


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