A moment Heart 2 Heart.

You can only take so much before that human side of you pops off and you say to much.  When it comes to my friends, though, I am as loyal as can be.  I am also very sanguine, making me to easily forgive.  

I have had more than my share of being stalked on the internet, computer crashing with viruses(10 this year) and people who really don't care that you are human.   But there is one big thing that is true as the creator of It's Better Handmade.  I care about each and everyone of my members.  I sacrifice my time with my kids and family to support the network It's Better Handmade.  I make myself available without charge to make sure my friends succeed.  And I take offense when they are viciously attacked or misused by others.  

Why?  Because I like to think of myself as a reflection...of Love.  There is a serious shortage in our world and every artisan needs some.  

I am oh so human, and get scared like everyone else, I get mad like everyone else and I love deeply...not always so like everyone else.  
I don't get any money for what I do  to promote you.  It's because no one will support you this way that I do it.  Unconditional love is very rare anymore in our world.  I care because I think you are worth caring about.  
Put me on a pedestal and I am sure to fall off.  So please, don't.  

You deserve every push into the limelight. Gray hairs, here I come, I will fight for my right to promote you.


  1. Thanks, that was heartfelt

  2. Thanks Susan. I'm not completely sure what is going on, but I appreciate your time.Remember what the Bible says, the world will not like us. We are not of this world. Thank the Lord! =)

  3. Thanx for all the Wonderful Work, Time and Effort you put in all of this Susan! =) *HUGS, LOVE, LIGHT* Mx

  4. That was so completely heartfelt. You are doing a great job, so sorry you've had some rough times but God will see you through. Thank you for all you are doing...HUGS

  5. Susan Thank you for all that you do for all of us. You are truly a rare gem. But most of all thank you for being a friend.



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