It's Better Handmade! Group Newsletter!

Hello! Everyone! 

Just wanted to touch base and let you all know we are still holding our Weekly Tuesday Event!   Zero Zoom Pizazz!

Many of you are brand new here at It's Better Handmade!Network.  Some are brand new Sellers / Artfire Pro Sellers.  Getting promoted is what it's all about!  So that is what our Tuesday event is about, networking makes our voices amplified.  The Group Sharing Guide is there to help you know how to make our sharing even more viral!  Meaning, it goes further with cooperation of each member.  The sharing idea can make one post reach over 1,000,000 Facebook users if everyone pitches in!  

I have created for you all badges for It's Better Handmade! Group Members!   It has options to post on virtually ANY site you have, html, flash, whatever you need!  You can even use a url link to copy and post it on your Facebook profile and pages!  There is also an exclusive badge for the guild members on ArtFire found in the Forums section.  Same applies! 

We are Growing and Expanding! I wanted to let you know that a brand new Home Social Website for our ever strong It's Better Handmade network is in the process of being created.  Hope to have it fully functional and ready to receive our some 3,000 members+ around early December! It will be fully integrated with direct links to Facebook and other Main Social Networks.  Some of the features will include your own page, your own picture gallery, chat, IM, forums, Other Group links, direct links  to our Facebook It's Better Handmade Network and other relevant Facebook pages,  integration capability for partners, shop windows(Etsy Mini) and Rapid Cart(ArtFire) and lastly, it will have Ad options for you to purchase that are as low as $3 per month.  This is a Google site and I have already seen traffic, and it's not even done yet!  I will have ads for the new Social Network site on Facebook, on ArtFire and Google.  

The HQ will still reside at ArtFire. These pro seller members of It's Better Handmade guild are also a team of advisors for helping our great network grow!  

Why have I chosen ArtFire for our HQ?  The environment is positive, supportive, encouraging, mentoring and always ready to serve us at any moment.  There is a protection barrier for the guild.  The staff there is out for our good and not just looking out for ArtFire!  THAT makes the difference. They have a lot to offer as our covering and our guide on how to conduct business.  WE get to decide what happens, what direction the venue goes, and there is always an open door.  They like us selling elsewhere.  ArtFire allows us to import our Etsy Mini shop windows to our ArtFire shops and allows us to promote our other shops at other venues.  

My heart is for you, to promote you, to see you grow, to see you prosper and to be successful.

Thanks for being an active part of our group.


  1. Looking forward to all the great surprises to come!

  2. Susan, I guess I am such an inactive member of this group... I don't sell anything neither do I create anything for sales but I am an ardent fan of this group and I am an active beader (garments only) on my own.

    If you have the time, please visit my blog "

    I have enjoyed myself so much being in this group because I simply love things of beauty and love to see amazing creations by those talented and artful hands.


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