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Hello, Everyone!  

What an interesting week! ;)  

Thanks for following me here!
OK, here's the skinny!  We have decided to stay at Facebook for the time being as a group as long as we can.  Your hard work has built this great network and it is worth fighting for!  I won't let bullies take it from us and I won't back down.

I am now using this official It's Better Handmade Blogspot as our public network hub!  You can find our Newsletters, information on Events, our new link hub and other helpful information here. I have also created some great pages including a Collections page. There is a new Contact Susan Now (my personal creation, no 3rd parties)at the left of the page if you need to email me for any questions you might have.  I will be keeping a private roster of those who have checked in via email with their support and questions for future reference when we begin working on our new website.  I am looking to the possibility of creating our own Social network hub sometime after the holidays.  

Every week, I will be sending a simple message to you in your private box via our Facebook Group to let you know there is a newsletter waiting for you here.  You can also access partner links such as ZeroZoomPizazz, It's Better Handmade HQ on ArtFire and several others.  We can create a Member Roster Link page if you are game.  

The new HQ at ArtFire has some great benefits.  We have live Chat, Forums, Picture Gallery for any members to add to and an events calender.  I have already started some great forums over there that I think you will love.  

I know some of you don't have ArtFire accounts, that's OK.  There is no requirement to sign up and participate there.    Those of us who are there find ArtFire to be somewhat of a safe haven.

Take a look at my most recent post here called Blog Blitz!  It's a carry over from a forum at HQ and a cooperative effort the Mavens(I am one) have been doing since Summer.  I think you will have fun with it.

One more thing, we have some changes in our officers.  Please make Sparks feel welcome as she steps up to officer and possibly taking Admin responsibilities in the future.  
Find Her on Facebook

You will find that life sometimes takes you away from the things you want to do.  But I know that we are being refined like a precious metal.  Thanks for all your hard work and support.  You are ALL WORTH IT.


  1. hi, denise fike here. Just joined you on facebook on monday, and now I do not know what's going on?

  2. I just love your undaunted, pioneer spirit, Sue!

    My next big thing to accomplish is to get really set up on ArtFire. I feel it really is the next up and coming e-commerce venue and they are doing all the right things. As Etsy gets increasingly corporate and shows vanishing interest to anything but their bottom line, we as business people as well as artisans are probably better off fostering a relationship with Artfire.

    Very exciting!

    ('Foret' everywhere! lol)


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