Historical and Healing Jewelry

Handmade Arthritis Magnetic Therapy Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

36L Arthritis Jewelry Magnetic Therapy Bead Pearl Necklace Handmade

1902 Indian Head Penny One Cent Coin Pendant

1902 Indian Head Penny One Cent Coin Pendant

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  1. Thank you for adding my Indian Head Penny Pendant, great idea on the the theme, Historical and Healing Jewelry, Love it!

  2. What a honor! The theme of Healing Jewelry is not as recognized as it should be; there are numerous men and woman who deal with a lot of pain but also love to get out and shop but have no jewelry that will not only help them but accent their attire with a piece of jewelry. Thanks Susan for presenting MaggieMays "Arthritic Necklace's"


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