Gifts for Teenagers

Grandmothers and teenagers

At this time of year, one of the hardest people on anyone's list to buy for are teenagers. They are constantly changing their likes, interests, fashions and tastes that it is very difficult to buy gifts for them. What is a grandmother to do?

I hate going to the mall and especially at this time of year. I get so overwhelmed and can't seem to find anything, get frustrated and storm out with nothing. As I am an artisan I felt I was turning my back on everything handmade. I don't make what they like but I sure know where to go for those who do.

I have solved this little issue with Artfire. Artfire is full of artisans with something for everyone. Jewelry, geekery, steampunk, funky, and the list goes on and on. How could they not find something great. I make gift certificates for those kids and specify the amount and that it can only be spent on Artfire. What fun they have searching through all of the categories and finding the coolest things they have ever seen, each is one of a kind and utterly awesome.

Now I am the coolest grandma ever! They love what they get and can't wait to show it off to their friends. I feel better by supporting handmade and loving my new status with the kids. What more could a grandmother ask for!

 By Jillysstuff

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