$100 Smacks Daily for Collections Email!

$100 Daily Prize in New “Collection of the Day” Email

On Monday April 11th we’re launching a new daily email called “The ArtFire Collection of the Day” which will feature, among other things, a new ArtFire Collection each day. To add a bit of fun to the email, we’re giving away a $100 gift certificate good for any Pro studio every day!

Here’s how it works:
  • Sign up to receive the ArtFire Collection of the Day (because its a daily email it will only be sent to people who’ve specifically chosen to receive it).
  • We’ll send you a unique 3Letter-3Number code (eg AAA-111). This is your shopper code.
  • Each day the Collection of the Day email will include one shopper code, if your shopper code match's the winning code you can claim a $100 gift certificate good in any Pro studio on ArtFire!
Its as easy as that! This is a great way to put ArtFire sellers and items in front of shoppers on a daily basis. We’re encouraging everyone to tell their friends, fans, and followers about the new email (you have to sign-up for a chance to win!). After all, they could win a $100 Gift Certificate to YOUR studio!

(P.S. Just in case it isn’t clear, if a Collection of the Day winner chooses your studio the “Gift Certificate” will be payed for by ArtFire; you’ll just need to ship the products to the lucky winner!)

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