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It's Better Handmade! is all about promoting, training and supporting handmade Artisans.  We have seen alot of the dog eat dog market within the handmade world.  Many business men will tell you that if you don't offer people something for free, they won't give you the time of day.  Unfortunately, that is very true.  Few will give you their heart and soul to help you.  But when you find one, they are GOLD.

Those are the friends that you walk along side through life, who love you to the end, who support you even when they don't agree with you.  Personally, I have few of those in my life.  Remember when your Mom said to you, " If you want a friend, be a friend."  That is a self-less ideal.

That is the heart of It's Better Handmade.

Before It's Better Handmade began less than a year ago, I belonged to a group called On Fire for Handmade. And still am.  They were a Ning group.  Then they moved a couple of times when Ning decided to charge you for your network.  Anne Hopfer is the director for that group.  She holds many businesses.  She loves making widgets and banners for those members that need help. Her graphics have a scrapbook touch.  She is a handmade Scarf designer..and very upscale may I say.  She Also has a Gift Guide page that is really cool She does many things.

When I teamed up with Vicki Diane Designs to make a Group on Facebook, The title was inspired from a common moto that Anne would use in her site "It's Better Handmade" .  She inspired that Organization title.  She inspired me..I wanted to continue the legacy to inspire others.

On August 9th, 2010, when Collections on ArtFire were activated, as a Maven, we were instructed on how to create great Collections that were front page worthy.  Kevin often would instruct us on what we were to focus on.  One week in August 2010, I got a great idea to make a page for Collections on Facebook.  I love ArtFire's logo of the fire.  ArtFire doesn't mind us using the title Artfire in anything we do...as long as we don't promote ourselves as the entity, but as the community of ArtFire.  They are not really picky about it.

So with that, I made a page called On Fire ArtFire Collections and added Kevin from ArtFire to Admins.  Later on, in October, Facebook began to change formats of their pages, structure of their sharing capablities and cleaning out some closets shall we say.  That was when our Profiles changed.  That day in October when it was time for my profile to be analyzed, I was shut out for half a day.  When they opened up my account again there were some changes they had made to my account.  They had deleted a couple of my empty pages and recategorized a couple of my other active pages.  On Fire ArtFire Collections was recategorized to a Community page.  Kevin had later added a great app he built for adding Collections streaming into the page like the kiosk.  That was really cool.

A week ago, Anne messaged me that her members were confused about the page, thinking it was hers.  She felt like I had infringed upon her name "on Fire".  After a few days, our relationship had become stressed over it.  As a business person, you can't let people push you around when it comes to your business.  Having the special app and Kevin as co Admin really made the issue more complicated.  I love using the page.  The folllowing was around 150 people, so I couldn't change the name..rules state you can't after your likes reach 100 followers.  So I had to decide what was more important, my friendship with Anne, or my ego...and keep the page?

After a day, stressed out and almost loosing my friendship and connection with Anne and her group On Fire for Handmade, I decided that the page I had created, even though no one was posting on it but me, may indeed steal traffic from her site.  But deeper than that, I may loose a friend.
That just won't do.
So, I deleted it, we no longer have that page, On Fire ArtFire Collections...On a brighter side, I wanted to include Treasuries anyway.  So there is a win win here.

It's Better Handmade is not self promotional.  We are about promoting others.  In in industry where sales are come and go..we truly need each other to support us and encourage us.  My connection with Anne Hopfer and On Fire for Handmade is far more important than a page on Facebook.

Anne loves contests and features, I love teaching you SEO and leading your business to a healthy level online.

On Fire for Handmade

Posted: 3:09pm MST: "I don't know what is going on, but Anne has blocked me from her profile and her group.  Wow...I don't know what to say....so much for friendship." 

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  1. Well, I for one think you have done so much for us, Susan. I understand how this could have been confusing, but what I don't understand is how you got blocked from a friend so quickly. I love you, Anne, but shame on you. Susan has been nothing but good to us, and deserved the benefit of the doubt.

    I agree that the name would be a bit confusing, as even I think of Anne when I hear "on fire". But I do know that you didn't call your group that to infringe or step on any toes. You're just not the type, AND, you have enough creativity to come up with something original.

    I think it was just one of those things...like when I started that group that was only intended to help us get together on a smaller basis to discuss stuff...it snowballed and ended up stepping on your toes! You didn't block me. You were stern with me and understanding at the same time. You spoke your mind, but did it with friendship in mind.

    There's a way to address issues and a way not to. I believe this got out of hand, and I'm sorry it ruined a friendship. I support both of you, and wish this had never reached the escalation it did. Perhaps if you're reading this, Anne, you could reconsider? We've got a pretty close knit group inside IBH and On Fire for Handmade...let's keep it that way. I would like to see you two start fresh and not sweat the small stuff.

    I always look at it this way...if the bomb went off tomorrow, where would I want to be? On my computer doing cyber crap? Or with family and friends? I think the answer is obvious.

    So, I commend you for bringing this into the light, Susan, and I hope Anne and you can start anew. We're all in this together, as you said...



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