My Favorite Collection/Treasury Contest

This event is two days, Posting on Saturday, but Voting is on Sunday. If you have your IBH tags and keywords in place for your items on Artfire or Etsy, you will most likely be added by someone for this contest.

SEARCH Etsy or ArtFire for items using the abbreviation: IBH
♥ArtFire IBH search
MAKE A COLLECTION OR TREASURY from searching "ibh" on either venue. Our guild and group members' items should come up in search.

NOTE☼Your Collections and Treasuries Need to have tags and keywords "ibh" also for them to be entered into the contest!

POST OR SHARE the Treasury or Collection from IBH member items, on our FACEBOOK GROUP WALL on SATURDAY!

ON SUNDAY, a gallery of all the IBH treasuries and collections will be created in a very special viewer. POLLS will be open for you to come and vote! I will message everyone on Saturday nite where to find the virtual voting booth.

The page will be labeled "Handmade Saturday" at"HANDMADE SATURDAY" TAB PAGE.

♥It's Better Handmade Social Network Front Page♥
♥It's Better Handmade Guild News Page♥
♥Handmade Saturday Chatterbox Forums on ArtFire♥
♥Handmade Saturday IBH Email♥
♥IBH News Online♥
♥MFG Network♥
♥MyFathersGifts Shops♥
♥MFGSocialNetworking Shop♥
♥It's Better Handmade Artfire Shop♥

Next Weeks Contest Preview:
Win your own flash banner like the one at the top of the Newsletter!

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