Zero Zoom Tuesdays

Zero Zoom Tuesdays

Zero Zoom Tuesdays is off and running with a fantastic start today. 6/29/10

The participating sellers are FANTASTIC !!!!! Thank you to all of you that are spending so much time sharing and supporting this group of sellers.

We have all been there ourselves at Zero sales and I still cannot seem to get an Artfire Sale. lol

Also I want to Thank you all that have been busy making treasuries on Etsy . They are so gorgeous and alot of fun to look at and click ,click ,click . :D

Keep on keeping on !!!

Feeling the love ,

Diana aka humming bird


  1. Watch for July and Increased Sales- folks are back from their vacations- and settled into a more relaxed mood- let's hope for lots of sales through the Summer months!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting this! I'd love to get some sales from the Reef Botanicals HAFshop!


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