Going Green with Go Green Wednesday

Going Green has never been easier! So many talented Artists are using recycled and upcycled materials in their creations! This is a BIG THUMBS UP for our Handmade community as well as our Earth and Environment!! So, to celebrate, I, Wendy from the It's Better Handmade Group,
would love to share some of these talented people with you.

First up is Joyousworld.
Although you would never know it... The ring shank on this ring was upcycled and the sterling sheet that the glass sits on used to be a spoon....
What a great way to reuse old silverware! This dichroic glass ring is a real beauty!

Next I would like to share Chocolate Dog Studio
"When this purses was a sweater, it went to football games and walked the dog on cool crisp fall days. Then it languished in the closet gathering dust as it fell out of favor. Attracted to the wonderfully soft,chocolate brown 100%lambswool and the size xxl I brought it home and felted it.

It has a wonderful new life waiting for it! Transformed into a wonderful new purse. It is completely lined with brown printed cotton fabric. The crocheted edging is 100% reclaimed merino wool. There is an outside pocket. The flower is hand crocheted with accents of eyelet lace." Quotes used directly from Chocolate Dog Studio Wool Felted Purse listing.

What a fantastic use for an old sweater! I love this bag...the color, the look, and ,of course, the fact that it is made from upcycled materials!

Last but not least, I want to share another Etsy shop specializing in everything upcycled.
Salvation Scraps is committed to making everything in their shop from upcycled vintage materials while also offering vintage supplies for other designers.
One item that really caught my eye is this lovely skirt. Reconstructed from vintage fabrics in classic rose and floral prints, dusty rose pink taffetas, vintage laces, and a linen underskirt which was an abandoned sewing project found in a thrift shop. The bottom layer is a wide strip of crocheted cotton lace reminiscent of typical Irish lace patterns with fillet crochet and floral motifs. I think it is beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into the world of upcycling old materials for the greater good of our environment! We should all try to do our part and reduce wasted materials, reuse anything possible, and recycle anything that cannot be salvaged! The Earth will thank you and so will future generations.


  1. Great Article and Post Wendy- think I'll start upcycling my older film negatives into new interpretive "green" works- for next Wednesday of course. Come to think about it- the Kesey Leary Psychedelic Poster- actually fits- so I'll post that in a few minutes.

  2. You Wendy are awesome . I just love this article. Congrats on taking a challenge and making it into something just wonderful. :D XXXXXX

  3. Thanks so much Clyde!! This blogging thing is beginning to get easier,LOL. I think upcycling older film negatives would be a wonderful idea!! The poster would most certainly fits the description! I like to upcycle vintage and broken jewelry pieces when possible. I never throw anything usable away! I have boxes full of jewelry parts that I will use as needed. Thanks again for the nice (and FAST) compliment on my blog post! :D

  4. Thank you Diana!! I had fun writing it. Now that I understand how to insert links and pics, blogging is actually FUN!! I am thrilled that you liked it! :D

  5. Great article, Wend. You've definitely got the writing bug. I expect a best seller from you by next year!

  6. LOL...thanks Amanda!! You're a sweetie!! The only thing I could write a book about is not PG or even PG13...LOL!!!

  7. LOve your blog Ms Wendy Hot Beanz ! You're a clever sweetypops !!!!
    Great stuff XOX
    Madame Flitting Butterfly ;>)
    Vicki Diane

  8. Thanx Madame Butterfly!!!
    I really appreciate you reading my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment!!
    xoxo, Wendy

  9. I found it!! What a great post and tribute to handmade and upcycled creations Thank you Wendy for the mention and link :)


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