It's Better Handmade

Hey everyone!! It's Color Me Friday on It's Better Handmade , Wow what a splash you are all making today :) . So Many Gorgeous Items ! The color is bright and beautiful, oh what fun!!! FYI Etsians - There is a thread in Promotions called It's Better Handmade Please stop by daily and post. This is another great way to bring attention to your shops. Promote others there also. It is the etsian way. Also I have a thread that has been making sales for other sellers . It is called NO List Here Just POST IT!!!!!!!!  Have a Wonderful Friday :D Your HummingBird Diana


  1. I gave you a follow, I hope you follow me back!! :)

  2. I followed you Marie :)

    Lunaessence So Now I Begin
    is my blogspot also .

  3. Hello everyone!! My blog page is not currently set up, but I am floowing It's Better Handmade blog!!


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