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Fridays Just Got Easier!
I have had alot of members of our group think they have to leave, or have to apologize if they don't make it to  events.  Most of us are well aware of the demands of owning a small business and understand wearing all the hats can really put a crunch on your time.  Facebook has made it a little easier for you to stretch that small amount of time you have to participate in groups and events.

"Color Me Friday" has been a blast!  The posts by everyone participating have been absolutely incredible! Those of us who are participating are having so much fun.  I want to help explain how Facebook has made Group Sharing even easier!  

We have all experienced how posting our items on the group wall and then sharing can shout out our artwork to our friends, our friends' friends, our fans and our friends' fans...are you still with me? (Say that ten times fast!) If you have alot of friends...that could easily equal somewhere between 3,000-1,000,000 people!  That's better than Google ads(not to mention free)...  However!  We have harped a bit on those who don't share other posts on their own walls.  We currently have 1,600+ members in our Group.  Less than 25% are actually active.   Thats around 400 members.  Now, most of us have between 200 to 2,000 friends..depending on when you signed up on Facebook before they established that friend/fan limit.  Let's do the math..400 x 1,000,000 = 400,000,000 people we have reached with just one day event!  That's what makes it "Viral"!  

Now that you understand why we stress posting AND sharing, what if we got more than half our members active in this?  Or more than 3/4 of our members...Potentially, this could result in 1,600,000,000 people reached in one day..but that is if they are still on Facebook..and if they haven't unsubscribed to your newsfeed from to much "spam" or lack of understanding as to how to modify their notifications. 

With the potential of posting and sharing in mind...there is something you can do to make your life easier everyday and still post on It's Better Handmade Group wall!  Have you ever noticed a little tag icon in front of a post that showed up on your wall? It had your name in it typed in Blue but was actually posted on someone else's wall?  This is called tagging!  It's a form of inter-domain networking.  That tag establishes a link to your wall with your signature within it.  You see it, all your friends see it, and all their friends see it.  Cool, huh!

Bagalicious tagged It's Better Handmade group in her sentence when posting this ring. It showed up on the group wall, her wall and in her friends' newsfeed!  She hit three birds with one stone..so to speak! 
Now, granted, she didn't share anything on her wall...but you can share yours on hers by tagging her in a sentence when you post yours. 

So on our event days..you can post one, and then share one.  Come spend a few minutes looking through all of the treasures posted.  Maybe comment on a few of them, share a few more...Then, later on that same day, you can post on your profile wall  "Color Me Friday" items and adding a tag into the text.  Like this-> "A new red item for Red Friday at @It's Better Handmade..."  Make sure that the tagging program attaches to the word "@It's Better Handma... "  Sometimes it's slow loading, so be patient.  
Select the correct page you want tagged.->>

The tagger will change the.. @It's Better handmade to It's Better Handmade with a link and tag.  

It's that easy! Remember that you should only do this after you have gone to the Group page, posted and shared, browsed and commented a little. When you tag, the sharing option is removed from the tagged post.  Hopefully they can change that soon.

So to tag: add the  "@" symbol in front of the name of the person you want to see it.  No spaces, or the tag won't connect.  

Thanks so much to all who have participated and made the effort to make our group what it is!  Outstanding!
Special thanks to Vicki Diane(aka VickiDianeDesigns)for all her hard work fluttering around and inviting people to join.  And a special thanks to Diana Marie LaRocca Saputo( aka LunaEssence) for working to make everyone feel welcome and supported.  We are still looking for more officers to add to our staff in moderation of days.  Contact us for more information. Special privileges are included in this job.


  1. Thank you so much for the info!

  2. Right on Susan ! Your expertise is amazing .

  3. Thank you for the info Susan :) I was wondering how to make what I share on my fan page appear on the group's wall.

  4. Thanks for the tagging info! I wondered how that was done!

  5. I would love to be able to see the pages, but this purple isnt making it easy at all...help me?

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful info. Look foward to more of your info.

  7. Looking forward to making a better effort with this. As you stated life often gets in the way but I'm certainly going to try my best to make up for it!
    And thanks for showing how to properly tag, I've been curious about that one.
    You Rock it out Susan. Thank you so much.

  8. I was brought into Facebook by a friend and still don't understand it! It's Better Handmade has multiplied my number of friends by 10 or more, but I'm not yet understanding how to do what I need to, so please bear with me.

  9. Thanks Susan! I didn't know about the tagging. I'll try it out!

  10. I think I'm going to have to read this a few more times before i understanding the tagging process. I must be slow tonite. I'll read again in the morning. Thanks for the instructions.


  11. Thanks! I was sharing on my wall, but not using the @ sign! Oops! =)


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