Fan Conversion to Repeat Customers

One of the hardest and most challenging things for folks in selling online is how to build their Facebook page followers. Here is an angle, you need people to come back to you for updates with interest. Be a guru but not exactly on how to make what you sell, or you end up creating competition for yourself.

I have always preached three important things:
 #1. Target your audience to people interested in your product and not those that makes products like yours.
 #2. Offer free stuff to the target audience that is highly valuable and unique that most won't get from anyone else!
 #3. Don't look desperate for a sale! is how you build your audience on your social network and on your store website. First, lets take a look at one of my hobbies. I'm a passionate bubbler. I love bubbles. But to get people to follow and ultimately buy your products(especially a common commodity as bubble solution) is to share head knowledge that not your everyday Joe knows with your audience in exchange for their email addresses to send them more info and cool deals. Make it fun.

Once you start building your email contacts through offering info via email, you can start directing them toward your page on Facebook for updates on what's new. Use your blog rss to help with posting updates on your Facebook page. Mailchimp has RSS newsletters that send out your posts for you each week. Wordpress and Blogger has an email subscription.

Here is an example of how to target your audience:  most people who love bubbles are kids. Moms are online looking for better bubble recipes and bubble tricks. So what else do Moms love? Craft ideas for kids, cool birthday party ideas, costume ideas, things to do in your area with your kids..etc..Think like your prospective customer. So what do I blog about? Stuff Moms are searching for online. When you become a plethra of info for your audience, then you become the go to for everyone on that subject.

To refine your keywords for that audience, see what they are searching for most by using the Google keyword tool. So if you sell jewelry, what kind? Jewelry is a dime a dozen on the internet and thus your competition is severely high. So refine your keywords to a higher search with medium to low competition. Make sure you use the keywords in your content too for higher search rank. So if I sell bubbles..that is pretty vague. But if I sell big bubble solution, that is a lower competition with search per month. And use the words together in keywords. Mix your keywords in the tool to find the best ones for you.

Martha Stewart's site is an awesome resource for women who love to craft. She has lots of ideas for crafts of all kinds..from cooking to kids. What does she sell? Craft supplies!! But her target audience for her scrapbook supplies is really Mothers and Grandmothers who love to to craft with their kids and for their kids.

So if you sell jewelry, offer how to clean your jewelry, how to find quality jewelry, where to find cleaning supplies, etc,. Ask yourself who likes your jewelry and what else do they like via lifestyle. If you sell wire wrapped religious jewelry, offer up inspirational verses and encouragement. If you sell handmade mugs or cups, offer up recipes for awesome hot drinks. Educate your audience, give them freebies. If you sell quilts, target to what type of quilts..lets say baby quilts. So offer info regularly on topics for taking care of infants, how to change a diaper, dangers of medications for infants, etc...If you offer heirloom quilts, offer up free info on how to wash them for years of keeping. Offer up how to repair old quilts, etc.

You have to stand in your customers shoes, think like them. Once you do that, you have loyal followers via subscribers. Then, you can send periodical emails about what's new in your shop with coupons and deals. Link to your Social media pages for up to the minute 24 hours deals or special offers via Facebook fans only.

So if they don't like email they can see you in their newsfeed via facebook. This is how you build your audience and likes. Think differently and offer valuable info that is not giving your business away, like how to make what you sell, but other stuff that is pertinent to what you sell.


  1. So glad you are doing this! The Artfire community is wonderful!


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