Missing in Action

Hi, everyone, I know I have been missing in action this week. I started College again after 18 years! EEK.

I am learning better website and graphic design using Dreamweaver CS5, css, html and xhtml. I am also beginning studies with Google SEO certification so that I can teach you more effectively as a mentor.

We will not be holding a Handmade Saturday this weekend. AWE! I know, I so sorry.

With my husband breaking his leg, then getting a blood clot and me starting school, I need one weekend to adjust and recover from the rigorous ordeal of continual hospital visits.

We will resume activities mid next week. Thanks for your loyalty and patience.

In the meantime, I am redoing some things on our Social Network to make it load faster and be more effective.

I will be blogging my experiences and sharing fun and helpful tips for website optimization.

Next Handmade Saturday will hold some great surprises for you! Working out the details now with ArtFire and Etsy! :)

Have an outstanding Valentines Day!

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