The market online has become bigger, more competitive, more advanced than ever before.  To compete with another company often relies upon the way you conduct business and how you relate to your clients.  The "Bigger, better, faster ideas don't work anymore.  Why not?  Because everyone else is doing that. 

Doing more is not necessarily the best idea.  Keeping up with the everyday changes in Google, the millions of emails, the notifications on Facebook and so on, can often cause discouragement.  You can get swallowed whole. MFG Helps many people learn how to do business online.  But it's not just one thing..and it's not just what you do.  The heart of the matter depends on how you think.  

A stray thought from the editor: 
It's hard sometimes, in the real world, for us computer geeks to conduct real life relationships.  Computers are so much nicer and they tend to never yell back at you.  They never leave, they never hold grudges.  They are there in the morning even when you call them names.  But without our real life relationships with other humans, we loose ourselves.  

Learning how to think in business is one of the hardest for most start ups to wrap their brains around.  The single most repeated response I hear from struggling sellers is: "Oh, I'm so computer illiterate, I just can't do that".  Really!  Really?  That's like buying beads and then saying: "Oh, I just can't make a necklace" Your business just died!   

So those who are stuck in that rut thinking, take the easy road.  They follow what everyone else is doing.  Another fish in the sea of merchants.  What will it take for you to be different?  What will it take to make you stand above the crowd and Yell at the top of your lungs: "My business is worthy of your time and dollar!"

Every good business person realizes the importance of listening, watching and learning, constantly.  No mentor knows it all, no consultant knows every detail.  But it's the good ones that continually welcome change.  He or she then must free themselves from conventional thinking and try new things. Even if what they are doing already works, they will still try new things, even things that they think sounds bad, because some things are great despite the original impression.  A great improviser knows that learning never ends, only ego gets in the way of learning...or fear.

As humans, we need failure to learn to succeed, to be great within ourselves and thus to the reflection of our business.  If you think you cannot, then you probably won't. If you think you can but have no idea how, you definitely will.  But there is one twist on the subject: "what's in it for me?".  The ego side of things often keeps us from succeeding if we see no profit to self.  Maybe the key is see.

On a frustrating day, when I felt my whole business model was failing, my best friend encouraged me with this: "Your not a failure, your in school".  I said, "What?"  He said..." You are doing , learning, seeking, learning, watching, reading, failing, succeeding, learning...everything a business major does but from a different environment".  That one encouragement from him thrust me out of my "poor me" state and into a passionate drive toward my goals.  

Improvisation is the practice of acting, singing, talking and reacting, of making and creating, in the moment and in response to the stimulus of one's immediate environment and inner feelings....

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