Handmade Saturday Tagging Event

Has moved! Handmade Saturday weekly event is now being hosted by It's Better Handmade! Social Network!  The weekly events are network wide and the details will be announced per week.  The events will be different each week!  Don't want to bore you! :)

We will be keeping the Facebook Page! 

Here are some things I as owner will work on as well as help my members learn better proficiency:
  • Create the network to be more user friendly
  • Add Facebook and Twitter compatibility and integration(Coming February)
  • Teach members how to install html widgets
  • Tagging pictures and other content for Google crawl to grab
  • Resolve code conflicts with Browsers, Flash and JavaScript Errors
  • General navigation


This Saturday's Event is all about learning how to effectively build front page worthy Collections and Treasuries.  We are only creating these using handmade item listings from It's Better Handmade! Network members and ArtFire Guild Members.  Just like this one:

All you have to do is tag your items with "IBH".  
Artfire users need to add the tag: "ibh" with the global editor
and Etsy users need to add it in either their titles or their tags(keywords)

Once you do this, make sure you have good, well focused and illuminated pictures.  (Picasa) Now everyone in our network can find you easily to add you to their favorites, collections and treasuries!!

On Saturday, our members can find you and me, add us to create it's Better Handmade collections and treasuries and post them to facebook and twitter!  

Here's a challenge for the more computer savvy members!
When you share, use social tags to reach further! 
Ready for that challenge?

You are going to see more and more great changes at It's Better Handmade! Just for starters, we have a Chatterbox Live Chat room right here on our Online Newsletter.  It's tied to several sites including It's Better Handmade Social Network, Handmade Gifts, It's Better Handmade HQ at ArtFire.com and Handmade Saturday Online News

I know that adding the Store front widgets like the Rapid Cart and Etsy Mini( or any others from Bonanza or Zibbet) is often confusing.  Here is a video to help for Etsians:

So, to make things easier for you,  the following:
  • your shop(s) url(internet address)
  • any text you want added, sales info, what you do, etc...
  • your shop(s) rapid cart or etsy mini html codes (Gallery, 4 wide by 5 long)
  • tell me which groups(categories) you want them in.

I will insert them for you to save you frustration. 

Look what's Coming our way!  We are getting an upgrade and I can't wait! We are first on the list to try it out! 

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