More Ways to Share with Google!

What if everyone, from a comicbook enthusiast to a deep sea oceanographer, had an easy way of sharing their insights with you about any page on the web? What if you could add your own insights for others who are passing through?

Google Sidewiki is an extention of Google's Browser Chrome!  It allows you to contribute helpful information next to any webpage!  When Chrome came out, I was scheptical!  But now, I see that Google is progressing, adapting and changing to make our lives more secure, more sociable, more user friendly and more interesting than ever!  

Here are a few things you can do with Sidewiki!

  · Publish helpful information about any web page right in your browser
  · Read insights in context from Sidewiki entries added by others
  · Share Sidewiki entries through Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and Google profiles

I have always encouraged others to utilize the Google Profiles as another effective tool for being found by organic traffic.  This is just another incredible way to accomplish just that.

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