Etsy Rocks with Recycling!!

Every time I find a new shop on Etsy, I am blown away by the diversity Etsy as a whole delivers. Whether it's a shop that uses recycled/upcycled materials or a shop showcasing amazing talent and techniques for making hand made goods. Etsy is growing as an ever expanding community for artisans, jewelers, sculptors, clothing designers, home decor designers, and so much more! I find this very exciting. The other fabulous thing about Etsy is bringing all of that hand made goodness together in one global market with the ease of shopping from home!

I would like to feature a few recent discoveries I made browsing Etsy!

janice mae is a shop specializing in making beads and beaded jewelry from paper! Kudos to her for reducing paper waste! She blogs tutorials on this fun process at I love this idea and the beads are so colorful and beautiful!

Sherry Truitt Studios is another very inventive maker of repurposed materials. She combines fashion with function to design unique and fun jewelry. One example is her level bubble necklace. Have you ever needed to hang a photo on the wall or make a design completely level, but couldn't find your toolbox? Well, with this nifty necklace, you have a level at your fingertips! I think this is fantastic!

Her shop also has a compass necklace! Perfect for those long hikes in new places! You won't have to worry about getting lost when wearing one of these cool designs!

au claire de la lune is another fabulous designer. She makes clothing from recycled T-shirts and repurposed fabrics. This is a great way to use the 3 R's to help save our beautiful Earth! This long skirt is a personal favorite. Made from old T-shirts, this design is colorful, practical, and looks extremely comfortable!

She also makes the cutest baby booties with repurposed fabric. Perfect for that special little tot in your life! These are so adorable and look very comfortable. Soft fabric and elastic will keep those little toes from getting uncomfortable and will stay put on those little feet!

CTG Designs makes truly unique furniture with recycled materials! This chair and ottoman set is made *would you believe* entirely from recycled cardboard, recycled paper tubes, glue, and paint. It’s really strong. A 250-pound individual could sit in this chair and it wouldn’t feel the strain at all. WOW...impressive!!!

So, as you can see, recycling, reducing waste, and reusing materials is a fabulous way to GO GREEN!!! We are only limited by our own imagination as to find ways to be creative in the conquest to preserve our beautiful planet!


  1. Wow! Wendy! You really did an amazing job with this blog! Kudos, Chicka! Wow! Awesome job!

  2. A lovely post Wendy!!
    Yes it is really exciting seeing all the amazing upcycled creations on Wednesdays...

  3. Great blog...and wonderful upcycled items. Job well done...

  4. Thank you ALL so much for reading and posting such wonderful comments!!


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