Hello everyone, hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday!  Just wanted to fly on over and sprinkle some Fairy Dust your way as a reminder to all that tomorrow is Color Me Friday!

PINK won for our Event tomorrow on our Group Page!  Are you all ready for a fun filled day featuring PINK art?  Don't forget to include other shades of PINK like ROSE, CORAL, and FUCHSIA.  Come join the FUN!

Remember at our It's Better Handmade Group Page our goal is to Expose our shops to as many as possible, so while you are there posting your beautiful PINK art tomorrow, remember to grab someone's beautiful PINK art post and share it!  Share it on your Facebook pages, Team or personal blogs, twitter anywhere you know it will be exposed to and enjoyed by others!

Happy PINK Color Me Friday tomorrow!

~Allurynn  aka Moonlight Fairy
Creations by Moonlight

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